23rd September 2018


Father One more time, I looked out my lair, with tears streaming down my face. My eagle glides through the air, forcing its way through the […]
7th December 2017

What is “My Life”?

What is Life? Is it as the concordance described it, or a tangible to be numbered, counted or predicted as willed? Is life, in fact, multiple […]
26th July 2017

The Man, His Son, and The Donkey

When I was a child, maybe about six years of age or less, whichever, I was old enough to understand that I was particularly captivated by […]
8th June 2017

My Old, Dear Friend

Many moons have swept by, plus that dreary day we said good-bye. And to think of the bye we bayed, those innocent eyes that stole my […]
12th May 2017

Joy of Utopia

1st May 2017



Eight years I have known Charlie, eight years I have mourned Charlie and eight more years I have lived, because Charlie is dead . . . Almost every poem in this book is based on true-life event and in almost every poem in this book, there is a song . . . a story to be told. The words are simple. The poems encompass every aspect of life, from love . . . lust . . . tragedy . . . religion . . . to death and more!