A Memoir of Hope, Faith, and the American Dream

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Release Date: November 17, 2022
Pages: 436
ISBN13: 979-8986587608


Why dream if you cannot dream big, really big?

Discover the powerful story of one man's quest for the American Dream and spiritual fulfillment in "Underground" by Deji Ayoade. Join him on an emotional journey filled with trials and triumphs, grief and joy, loss and love. Through candid and vulnerable storytelling, Deji shares his personal narrative with raw honesty and poise.

Whatever you have dreamed for your own life, however, you have imagined the next several years going, there is something for you in Deji's memoir. This is a must-read for anyone who has ever dared to dream, and for anyone who has ever wondered what it truly means to find faith and purpose.

"Candid, compelling, and poignant memoir... His prose is engaging, vividly depicting daily life in Nigeria and encounters with various Americans. His continuing faith in the fundamental goodness of people is particularly inspiring."
Kirkus Reviews

"Readers will be swept into Ayoade's vivid recollections of his early years. Ayoade's story is moving, particularly his reconciliation with his father and hard-earned American citizenship, and his message that it's never too late to chase your dreams resonates. That message will evoke strong emotions for readers."
—Publisher's Weekly, Book Life

"Enthralling read that not only reminds us of the great American spirit but also retains important facets of Nigerian history and the rich Yorùbá culture."
— San Francisco Book Review

"Ayoade writes from the heart with emotion and honesty that demonstrate his passion for what he does in life. His ability to weave together a cohesive story from so many disparate fragments is remarkable. His religious faith and commitment to never-ending improvement for himself are inspiring and a basis for being a role model for others."

"Readers who follow Ayoade on his journey will find his faith-based experiences enlightening, inspirational, and thoroughly engrossing. Ayoade touches upon the wellsprings of not just perseverance, but a perspective that translates to leadership and achievement qualities in confronting life's obstacles."
— Midwest Book Review

“Dr. Ayoade is one to reckon with. A Nigerian-American with an extensive military background, he writes with an old-fashioned candor, unpretentiousness, and sincerity. What’s particularly powerful is his love for this country, in a manner still willing to admit faults but steadfastly loyal to the ideals.”
—Hollywood Digest

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"When you're a child living in circumstances wildly beyond your control, books and movies make America seem like the perfect place. The theme in Hollywood is so often about dreams—how a family can go from nothing to something when one of them decides to give everything and commit their life to that goal. How even in situations of corruption and abuse, good can overcome bad. And for a child living in a world like mine, the impact of that message is immeasurable."
- 'Deji Ayoade