Dr. ‘Deji Ayoade (ah-yo-AH-day) is the first African immigrant to become a nuclear missile operator in the United States Air Force and serve in three U.S. military branches. He is an emerging memoir author and lifelong poet who strives to touch the lives of his readers through heartfelt storytelling. In addition to his memoir and companion poetry book, he is the author of Selah! Selah! (Pause and Think): Poetry.

Enduring a childhood chock-full of impoverishment and loss, storytelling was his safe haven, quickly becoming his way of envisioning a future he wanted to be a part of. Besides being a Writer, ‘Deji Ayoade has held the roles of Veterinary Surgeon, Combat Medic, Nuclear Weapon System SME, Senior Program Analyst, and U.S. Space Force Department of Defense Civilian at the Pentagon.

Through his incredible journey, ‘Deji’s resilience and determination have shone through.  He inspires all of us and reminds us that no matter where you come from, you have the power to shape your destiny.