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Thank you so much for subscribing to my website. This site is primarily created as a blogging platform to motivate and inspire all visitors through the knowledge of Science and Medicine and the telling of True-Life Stories. You can expect two different kinds of content serving exactly the same purpose.

Memoirs of the Memoir Blogger

Memoirs of the memoir blogger feature weekly blogs in series, taking you on a journey into my crazy life. It is not every day that we run into a story like that of ‘Deji Ayoade. From a poverty-stricken childhood somewhere in the middle of rural Nigeria to later becoming a Veterinary Surgeon. He traveled half the world, became an American citizen, enlisted in the U.S. Navy, commissioned into U.S. Air Force and then, trusted with top secret operations, manning the deadliest weapon on earth “Nuclear Weapon” for the United States.

The memoir blogger stories are unusual, exciting and most times dangerous, yet they were true- life events. You will experience motivation and inspiration from his determination, perseverance and the unrelenting will to succeed in the face of extreme adversities.

The True Human

The True Human is an exciting series on the science and medicine behind what not only makes us human but beyond that. The reasons why as humans, we are more extraordinary than we could ever imagine. The series will attempt to help us better understand the powers and gifts inherent in us as humans, and in the process, hope to bring some motivation and inspiration to maximize our talents and gifts.

10th May 2017

The True Human: Intuition

Have you ever felt or known an event will occur and suddenly, almost immediately, it did? Like looking at a man holding a pack and something […]
4th May 2017

The True Human: Instinct

The Webster dictionary defined Instinct as, “An innate, automatic impulse in humans and animals, to satisfy basic biological needs, leading to a behavior that is purposeful […]
1st May 2017


22nd April 2017

The Tutor, My Father, & Us

It was one of such evenings we wished the tutor wouldn’t show up for our evening classes. The clock ticked on the wall of the children’s […]
20th April 2017

The True Human: The Act of the Subconscious

António Damásio, the author of Descartes’ Error, is a neurologist. Some of his works are related to the subconscious and conscious. In an experiment, Damasio with […]
14th April 2017

Grandma (Part IV)

Not all days were bad days with my father. The first time of three occasions my dad ever told me how much he loved me as […]
13th April 2017

The True Human: The Introduction to Acts

  Last week, we read about “The Human Mind” and how powerful our mind makes us. This week, The Memoir Blogger presents  “The Introduction to Acts.” […]
8th April 2017

Grandma (Part III)

My father demanded us to be the best intellectually and toughest emotionally. We felt the constant need to impress him academically. However, the growing feeling of […]
7th April 2017

The True Human: The Human Mind

There have been different interpretations to the word mind. Scientifically, the mind is housed in the brain. It is the point where thoughts and reasoning processes […]

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