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There have been different interpretations to the word mind. Scientifically, the mind is housed in the brain. It is the point where thoughts and reasoning processes take place, the point of consciousness or awareness and also where unconscious activities take place.

The processing speed of the human mind is beyond comprehension, it may go down to microseconds while conscious or voluntary actions can extend as far as weeks to come out with a resolution. Such as the quick and spontaneous withdrawal of the hands away from a hot object to the thought of how to go about a new business.

As we mature from childhood to adulthood, the mind becomes more and more specialized in its activities. It begins to allocate specific activities to specific regions and locations thereby localizing functions. For every new information acquired, the mind seems to install every new activity like software in a partition and then runs it in a sort of learning processes, including deductive reasoning. Much of the human mind and its operation is still being investigated.

On the other hand, the mind is viewed by many people to be an embodiment of both mental processes and sort of intuitive, unconscious, and spiritual property of the human. It is a part not just within the enclosure of a cranial cavity, but a whole part deep. This is a first or primary assessment of most people. There is this immediate thought mentality when the word mind is mentioned and the context in which it is worth mentioning. The scientific view of the human is genuine and real, the collective thinking also is correct under some circumstances.

A human mind is more powerful than it’s been visualized. The extent of its strength is infinite so that we can say that the brain is elastic, and its plasticity allows for every part to develop and carry out several new activities. It keeps taking in, absorbing, and forming different folders, partitions and installing (learning) new programs needed until infinity. Thus, the storage capacity being unlimited. In 1998, two independent discoveries revealed that brain cells can regenerate and that the fetal human brain contains master cells, known as neural stem cells, which can grow into any type of brain cells. On the contrary, previously, scientists believed that human brain cells can never regenerate themselves. This discovery reveals that some neurons could be created to handle a specific task which may be new to the brain.

Also known is the fact that in young children who suffer brain damage, some other parts slowly takes over the task of the damaged region. This shows that the human brain can take on different operations depending on the requirement at hand – this enormous complexity was acknowledged by Steven Rose, a British neurobiologist… “I think the great problem at the moment is that there is almost too much information, coming from different sciences at different levels, people grasping various bits of the way the brain works, but unable to put it together.”

Enormous and stunning discoveries have been discovered and stumbled upon in recent years with advancement in technology. Minutes and small fragment response and actions of the brain have now been studied – and continually the questions are being answered – how we think, how we learn? How we make decisions? How we make spontaneous motor actions? And so on.

The mind is known to control all mental activities and memory of a person; it includes both conscious thoughts and unconscious activities such as dreaming. The human identity can be viewed as being made of the mind and the body. In the current mentality, the mind can be regarded as the software or operating system that controls the hardware of the body. It is a representation – like a central circuit control board wired to all the other parts and regions of the machine in a grid that activates the muscles, cells, and glands.

As humans, we possess a mighty but compact mainframe processor within our cranium. It is the personality – we can imagine that if the brain is isolated and wired into another body framework, the new body to a large extent will exhibit the characteristics of the individual owner of the brain. Of course, if it is done accurately. So the brain determines personality to a large extent. Such that in certain events, when the body of an individual has been severely damaged, but the mind is still active, the person is considered to still be alive to a great extent.

The various energies existing within the human body is diverse, and the power of the mind goes beyond simple electrical energy and chemical energy. Sometimes it becomes puzzling, some activities scientists have currently found no explanations to. We wouldn’t blame scientists, of course, it has been found that some processes in the brain are so spontaneous that in fractions of a second, the decision concerning the whole world can be made. The existing equipment that we have, the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Positron Emission Tomography (PET), and Magnetoencephalography (MEG) which works using minute magnetic fields cannot detect actions that fast in response.  Although MEG can detect millisecond responses,  it remains obscure when smaller fields are generated by a part of the brain or when the response is faster.

However, if our mind works so quickly, processing those thousands data manipulation in milliseconds, how is it that our actions seem so slow? Are we actually slow? The time-response of the brain; we will discuss in detail when we get to the Act of the Subconscious in the next few weeks. But then, the purpose of these notes on the human mind is to make us aware of the unlimited nature of the human mind if it can be properly managed. The actions, the reactions, sometimes the “mysterious” processes that go into it. All these is what The True Human blog explores and bring to our notice, the dynamic information processing tool that we have within our cranium. The blog will also attempt to bring to your notice, the natural mental processes people have considered mysterious or paranormal, which is actually a composite processing outcome of the brain’s actions.

As you read this blog, you may not be aware of the fact that your brain has done some of the following thousands of processing like:

  1. Checked the words and sentences in relation to past experiences or materials you’ve read.
  2. The identification and adaptive cognition. It becomes familiar, and you understand better than a person that has not read it before.
  3. You may not also know that beneath, the mind computes the number of pages, no of words, the presence of new words, including the forming of the short and long term memory.
  4. Verification processes are also taking place, to note if any of the things written here makes sense – is true –is logical. That’s the reasoning part. This alone though it seems so fast, actually involves millions of cross-checking with everyday events, what is learned or known – I will be forced to quickly discuss briefly on reasoning which is a very indispensable asset of the human mind.

“Reasoning” is so powerful as much as it has its deficiencies. It can be altered as positively as much as negatively in its processes. Through several means, this has been achieved. Leaders of religious groups, the media (especially), politicians, doctors, scientists have exploited this so much on listeners; such is brainwashing and hypnosis.

Let’s check out this funny scenario together: A policeman and a man, the police was authoritative, with fierce features.

Man: (In response to a question), No, Officer, I was standing behind that green wall waiting for my driver.

Officer: Which wall? That blue wall? (He said pointing to the wall).

Man: (The man looked around for a blue wall) No, Officer, this wall, this green wall.

Officer: You fool, this is a blue wall, this wall is blue. Why are you trying to confuse me?

Man: Blue? But…

The following day, the scenario repeated itself but in a different location, and again, it happened for the third time on the third day – you know, sort of like déjà vu. This dialogue might possibly take place on the fourth day.

Officer: Where did you say you waited for your driver yesterday?

Man: Behind the blue wall!

Of course, you’ve noticed the wall is now labeled as “blue,” though the man was especially right. The man knew he was right, but he might be wrong. That’s the state of his mind, a little confused, a little sure, but to relieve himself, he agreed that the color was blue. He was actually right, the wall was green – but the policeman successfully brainwashed him.

Now, imagine a similar experience but this time with a spiritual leader or a top leader of a government. The stronger the influence and authority of the person, the easier it is to make this happen – try it out, you’ll find out it works that way, it may not be color, it may be calling a mug a jug and so on.

This tells how easy it is to alter the reasoning pattern of the human mind. It is subtly vulnerable, can be manipulated by those who know how to go about it. Many leaders especially have used this medium to their selfish interests.

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