Support Our Cause

Dr. ‘Deji Ayoade is publishing his memoir to donate all proceeds towards Solani, an educational and medical nonprofit. Proceeds from accomplishing “The Underground Project” would help Solani sustain her cause. How well this book does will play a huge role in sustaining the annual scholarship awards from Solani, with the hopes that award recipients would someday pay it forward as well. Solani’s three primary goals include:


  • Provide academic scholarships to International Students from developing nations in need of additional financial support while in undergraduate or graduate studies in the U.S.;


  • Encourage medical specialization in Oncology and Geriatric Medicine by providing scholarships to third and fourth-year U.S. medical students;


  • While providing academic scholarships, leverage the established network of talents in the medical arena and volunteers from all works of life to conduct Public Health missions in the U.S. and developing countries worldwide.