UNDERGROUND: A Memoir of Hope, Faith, and the American Dream – Unsigned Paperback


‘Deji’s story, told for the first time in Underground: A Memoir of Hope, Faith, and the American Dream, is about uncommon perseverance in the face of daunting circumstances. It is about one man who, through an unshakable belief in himself and his vision, was able to ascend to the top of one of the most competitive organizations in human history – and to hold on to his spirit and his humanity along the way.


Whatever you have dreamed for your own life, however you have imagined the next several years going, there is something for you in ‘Deji’s memoir.


Pre-order your copy today and see how ‘Deji’s experiences can uplift you and motivate you to push yourself, reach your peak potential, and live your own version of the American Dream!

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This book is offered in three formats: Ebook, 6 x 9-inch Premium Paperback (Signed & Unsigned), and Premium Hardcover with dust jacket (Signed & Unsigned).