UNDERGROUND: A Memoir of Hope, Faith, and the American Dream – Kindle Edition


Underground is an emotive journey of restored hope and faith along the path of attaining the American Dream and communion with a higher power that was there all along. Page by page, a personal narrative is revealed to the reader—one brimming with trials and triumphs, grief and joy, loss and love in equal measure. Through poignant, candid, and vulnerable storytelling, ‘Deji Ayoade shares his innermost stirrings of the heart and all the maelstroms they entail with utmost poise. Beyond the pages of outpourings by an American military man, this is a true story about a soul who, since birth, envisioned a thriving future for himself and the generations to come.

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This book is offered in three formats: Ebook, 6 x 9-inch Premium Paperback (Signed & Unsigned), and Premium Hardcover with dust jacket (Signed & Unsigned).