26th July 2017

The Man, His Son, and The Donkey

When I was a child, maybe about six years of age or less, whichever, I was old enough to understand that I was particularly captivated by […]
8th June 2017

My Old, Dear Friend

Many moons have swept by, plus that dreary day we said good-bye. And to think of the bye we bayed, those innocent eyes that stole my […]
12th May 2017

Joy of Utopia

1st May 2017


22nd April 2017

The Tutor, My Father, & Us

It was one of such evenings we wished the tutor wouldn’t show up for our evening classes. The clock ticked on the wall of the children’s […]
14th April 2017

Grandma (Part IV)

Not all days were bad days with my father. The first time of three occasions my dad ever told me how much he loved me as […]


Eight years I have known Charlie, eight years I have mourned Charlie and eight more years I have lived, because Charlie is dead . . . Almost every poem in this book is based on true-life event and in almost every poem in this book, there is a song . . . a story to be told. The words are simple. The poems encompass every aspect of life, from love . . . lust . . . tragedy . . . religion . . . to death and more!